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Using Text Message Marketing to Build a Brand

Posted on August 24 2013

SMS or short message service is growing to be a very popular way of communication among the people nowadays. In the US alone, more than 6.9 billion text messages are sent every day, that number comes to an astonishing 2.3 trillion text messages in a single year. In spite of these incredible figures, the majority of firms still opt to go with email marketing instead of using messages. Nowadays businesses and brands trying to reach their customers must make use of an efficient e-mail marketing strategy along with an SMS marketing strategy. This is the only technique a company - regardless of whether small or medium-sized - can successfully get to their clients. This article will help the companies in developing a highly effective communication channel with their customers by utilizing text message marketing. Text Message Marketing - The BasicsIf you are searching for methods to reach new customers, look no further, considering that all you will require is presence. If we consider the various mass marketing tactics, text messages are certainly among the best ways to reach out to your target market anywhere.3 Benefits to Persuade You:There are a lot of benefits of integrating SMS messages into the marketing mix. A few of these advantages are discussed below.Appealing and Effective:To start with, emails do not feature an open rate as high as text message marketing. That’s due to the fact that an email can sit in a person's mailbox for several days before being read, and that depends if a client actually decides to click on it, if not, bye, bye for good. Quite different from this, people usually read their SMS messages within a few minutes of getting them. This is the reason SMS marketing is more appealing, effective and great for same-day promotions or for accomplishing flash sales. Enabling Two-way Interaction:Text message marketing enables two way interaction between the company and the clients as they can respond to the message if they're interested. By opening up the doors to this sort of SMS conversation you can improve customer engagement and build brand image.Drives Awareness Whilst e-mail marketing is effective for an organization that is trying to maximize online sales, text message marketing is effective for those seeking to bring customers to their local shops. SMS marketing can assist you in bringing people to your shop by informing them about various sales promotions and product releases. When a buyer visits your store, the probability of them purchasing something from you increase significantly and you can also tell them about other deals at your store that may not have been shared in the messages.Using it?Sure you might understand what a text message is, because most of us trade text messages with our colleagues and friends routinely. But do you know how it may benefit you and your company’s marketing endeavors? Currently, lots of businesses are using SMS marketing for different purposes. For instance shops use them for delivering new product details, VIP shopping dates and promotions.Not only that, text messages may also be used in many other industries for example property, internet businesses, clubs, and food services industry. They are specific as well as painless for all those who are concerned. It is primarily about timing and location and a good SMS can get the job done correctly.Conclusion:Using text message marketing isn't only a good way of getting in touch with your clients, but is also a more appropriate way of appealing to them. Given all the advantages of text message marketing, it's only smart that you start working on taking your business mobile today.

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